Hattix.co.uk PC Hardware Collection

So you want to contribute to the Hattix Hardware Collection? There's a few things you need to know first, so that I can maintain the high quality of the images and commentary.

Images must be sharp, clear, and high resolution. 2000x1500 (works out to be 3 megapixels for digital cameras) for most hardware is fine. Preferably, printing or silkscreening on the PCB and ICs should be readable.

You should provide commentary. What is it? How did it compare to competitors? Why did you buy it? What did you use it for? What did you think of it?

Finally, you must consent to your images being released under a Creative Commons license and/or relinquish copyright to Hattix.co.uk.

If all that's good, then you can email images and commentary to although if images are too large for email, Upload.Hattix is able to take them; Just remember to include the URLs in your email!
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